Healthcare Construction Project Managers

OuR Process

Better way to deliver construction projects

Project Management

Every project is unique and we treat each one as such. Our first step is to understand what the Client’s needs are and how we fit into the picture. We have developed many processes to help deliver projects and will work with the client to determine what the best fit is for them. We provide services from conceptual planning and feasibility to Owner occupancy.

Conceptual Planning and Feasibility
  • Project Understanding
  • Identify programmatic requirements
  • Evaluate pre-construction project scope, schedule, and budget (development)
  • Existing building – condition assessment
  • New building – site investigation, analysis, environmental assessment
  • Establish project decision management process and communication plan
  • Work with real estate team to coordinate lease negotiations and agreements (in terms of the construction) to align with the Client’s desired outcomes and budget
Design Management Services
  • Identify project delivery method
  • Coordinate team selection process
  • Manage design team through construction administration
  • Lead value management process during design
Construction Management Services
  • Identify client preferred construction approach
  • Manage bid/proposal process, negotiation, and award process
  • Manage schedule
  • Represent Owner in all meetings
  • Monitor construction progress and quality assurance
  • Oversee progress payment administration and budget management
  • Monitor shop drawing and submittal process
  • Provide project cost tracking, cost flow projections, and reporting
  • Oversee Certificate of Occupancy and Owner acceptance
  • Coordinate FFE procurement, delivery, and installation
  • Coordinate IT/Telcom requirements/consultants
Owner Occupancy/Move-In
  • Final inspection/punchlist management prior to Owner occupancy
  • Move coordination
  • Move services
Project Closeout Services
  • Closeout all project contracts
  • Monitor building system start-up and operation
  • Collect lien waivers and certificates
  • Coordinate Owner training
  • Monitor warranty administration
  • Assist facility management staff as needed during building turnover
  • Ensure Owner receives O&M manuals and as-built plans

Equipment Planning

S2 utilizes experience from our Healthcare projects to generate equipment lists and preliminary budgets based on the program. These are just a starting point for conversation with the Owner that will be refined and adjusted throughout the design process. As more detail is established, we are able to provide engineering data and cut sheets that are specific to the equipment selected. We can customize data into formats that suit the Owner’s requirements – the possibilities are limitless. From this information, we produce final equipment lists, provide/install responsibility matrix, accurate cost estimates, equipment cut sheet books, and equipment floor plans.

An important part of our services is a detailed plan review before construction document issue to make sure all equipment requirements have been incorporated/ coordinated into the documents. This ensures appropriate representation of scope and greatly reduces RFI’s and changes later in the project. We also provide a comprehensive procurement schedule that is coordinated with the Construction Manager’s construction activity schedule to ensure any rough-in components are procured and arrive on site at the appropriate point during construction. During construction we perform an in-wall/ceiling rough-in inspection to ensure electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and low voltage rough-in locations are correct per the equipment requirements.

Programming and Schematic Design
  • Project team introduction (design team and Owner) – gain understanding of Owner’s high level goals for equipment, establish communication plan and role responsibility matrix for Owner/Architect/Consultant Team as it relates to equipment
  • Establish preliminary equipment plan and budget utilizing programming information
  • Evaluate existing equipment for reuse. This includes a site visit(s) to tour, document, evaluate and provide recommendations for the reuse or dissemination of equipment.
Design Development
  • Participate in user group meetings and other Owner equipment specific meetings including meetings with IT to make sure all low voltage requirements for equipment are effectively communicated to the Owner’s team
  • Regular interaction with design team for information sharing and design coordination
  • If Construction Manager is on board for pre-construction services initiate scheduling discussions and planning
  • Assist with equipment vendor meetings, tours, and learning sessions as needed to help Owner in equipment decision making process. Coordinate trial installations or mock-ups if required
Construction Documents
  • Detailed coordination with design team
  • Final equipment list and cut sheets (equipment book) to be published with CDs
  • Final equipment floor plans and coordination review of elevations and engineering drawings
  • On-site in-wall/ceiling rough-in inspection for equipment installation
  • Respond to any late equipment changes, and manage documentation changes to field
  • Respond to equipment related RFI’s

S2 Enterprises was founded in 2011 as an Owner’s Representation and Project Management firm specializing in Healthcare Construction. Believing that there was a better way to deliver construction projects, S2 was built on the premise that collaboration, cooperation, and team approach provides a better experience and outcome for clients.